My Journey to Network Marketing

I was over working for someone else and leaving home at 7 am in the dark and getting home at 6 pm in the dark . I was over not having any time freedom and working for a wage.

What really changed the way that I’ve viewed business is when I was introduced by a friend at a playdate to network marketing.

I immediately saw the potential in network marketing if you work it as a business and I wanted to run this alongside my current business.

I also still worked a full-time job while starting my two other businesses.

Network Marketing introduced me to personal development and creating a vision so you have goals to work towards.

My Goal

My dream is to create a charity in the next 12-24 months to assist in reducing homelessness in my home state and in the hometown of my team in the Philippines.

I choose to create a charity because as you might have heard the saying reach for the moon and worst case, you fall among the stars.

This was my main goal. And I’ve now decided that I will start working towards this.

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