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I’m Shannon Campbell. An Entrepreneur and  Attraction Marketing Consultant.

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Why Attraction Marketing?

In the current world we live in, it’s extremely hard to create time for everything. Our family, friends, work, hobbies, love, interests, and on top of these, we need to find time to bring in an income to pay for our bills, food, mortgages, etc., and also finding time to clean, cook, etc.

Even though I have multiple businesses, I always find time for my family, my husband, and the important things in life – I’ve become very good at delegating. It is extremely important to look after yourself so that you can look after those around you.


Services We Offer

I see most business owners find when they start a business is that it’s hard to delegate work to others, as it is your baby and nobody can do it better than you. But once you start delegating, you’ll realize that it’s actually possible to take workload off your shoulders and get some help. You can train or hire people to do it as well if not better than you. That way, you can focus on more important things and those that you enjoy rather than everything that is required in running your business.

social media

Social Media

We make sure that products and services are effectively presented across social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, etc. Performance is gauged by a detailed in-platform analytics report which can be checked on a weekly or monthly basis.

email marketing

Email Marketing

After creating an email list, leads and prospects are constantly reminded about anything brand-related. Basically educating potential and existing customers about new products, services, promos, & discounts.

Graphic and Design

Graphic design for us is more than just putting out artistic adverts and eye-grabbing graphics. We aim to effectively deliver the message to the audience to maintain a healthy two-way communication system. They ask for help, we provide help. They ask questions, we provide answers.

Web Development

We ensure that the website is built and managed productively. Its user experience and performance are monitored on a regular basis.

SEO and Ads

We always make it a goal to make your website “search engine friendly”. Effective keywording is just one of the things we do to get better rankings in results pages.


This completes the list. A good copy will make the product or service more convincing to customers. It’s almost the same as having an expert sales man.

Be an Attraction Marketing Consultant

If you would like to partner with me in my Attraction Marketing Company and join our entrepreneurial family then you are in the right spot. Our Attraction Marketing family consist of:


  • An amazing culture where we celebrate all the wins .
  • Beautiful products that people love. 
  • 100% through Social Media! No cold calling or harassing friends and family.
  • Being able to build a residual income through our amazing compensation plan.

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