Creating and building your own personal brand is extremely important because what people think or talk about when they hear your business name is what your brand projects. And as a business owner, hearing people say unpleasant things about the brand is something that you would definitely want to avoid.


This blog will briefly talk about 5 important things that can help you start and build your own personal brand.


1. Purpose – Plan ahead. A purpose will help you make decisions today that will set you up for the future. The whole thing will be useless if you go on without knowing what exactly you want to share and gain from your audience. So, before anything else, the question should be


“Why do I want to do this?”


2. Passion – It’s totally a blessing when you get to do something that you’re passionate about and make a living out of it. Of course, it’s not always going to be sunshine and rainbows but when dark times come and you lose motivation, you can always remind yourself that you are doing this for something that you truly love.


3. Values – Your core, may it be your family, faith, or whatever it is, will serve as the foundation of your brand so it is a MUST to be true and honest about the principles you live by, or the things that drive you to the right path in fulfilling your goals.


4. Attitude – You have to get rid of the traits that you think are not helping you or are stopping you from bettering yourself, because your attitude will determine whether people would want to build a connection with you which is a vital part in doing business.


5. 5 words – List 5 words that would describe yourself. Be honest and don’t feel the need to conform. Then ask your friends to list down 5 things they think about you or what they feel about you. If you don’t like the words then don’t be discouraged. Work on yourself. It should be a motivation for you to change for the better.