Canva has recently released a new set of features, designed to help creators get more creative and complete their work with ease.


Here are my top 5 picks:

  1. Magic Design – If you’re having trouble envisioning your ideal design or locating the perfect template, Magic Design can help! By uploading an image and selecting a style, this feature will showcase your design across a personally curated collection of fully customizable templates that can be downloaded or further edited.

Magic Design includes appropriate fonts, images, graphics, and styles to transform your vision into the ideal design, whether it’s for billboards or birthday cards, every time.


  1. Draw – With Draw, you can effortlessly sketch across any design. It even auto-identifies what you’re drawing and smooth out the shapes if needed.

This function makes it simple to organize your thoughts, whether you’re highlighting key points during a presentation or planning a project on a whiteboard. Choose your preferred brush and personalize it with any color or weight to elevate your designs and make your ideas stand out.


  1. Magic Eraser & Magic Edit – Time-consuming skills and complex tools are no longer necessary when editing an image in Canva. Thanks to Magic Eraser, unwanted elements can be effortlessly removed from photos, such as cluttered props on a table that detract from the overall image.

Additionally, Magic Edit allows you to switch out or add elements with ease. For example, you can swap a teapot for a bouquet of flowers in a promotional image. Just choose the location where you want to add something, provide a description, and witness as it appears before your eyes!


  1. Canva Presentation – No need to stare at a blank page any longer – Canva can now generate a first draft of your next presentation with an outline, slides, and content. Just provide a brief idea, and it fills out your story seamlessly and professionally in a slide deck.

Once the initial draft is complete, you can add your personal touches and details to make your presentation unique. Canva doing the heavy lifting means you’ll have extra time to craft an unforgettable experience for your audience.


  1. Create an Animation – Create an Animation is a new feature that makes it easy to create professional and engaging videos in just a few clicks. With this function, you can draw the path you want your animation to take, adjust its speed, and watch it come to life.

Whether you’re creating videos, social media designs, or presentations, this will make your content more captivating than ever before.