Facebook, as we all know, remains to be at the #1 spot among all social media platforms where people connect with each other and share whereabouts, interests, and EVERYTHING. But over time, Facebook has evolved from being just a place to share and connect into a venue for business owners/service providers to advertise through audience interaction and other modes of promotion.


In this blog, 3 major ways will be laid out to help you market your product or service on Facebook.


1. Creating Facebook Ads – A Facebook ad includes a headline which you have to make sure that is catchy, an effective caption, a graphic image or video, and a click-through link to either another Facebook post, a relevant tweet, or a website.

This is a great way to increase page likes & engagements – improve your social media presence as those people who like your page will be able to see your posts on their Facebook news feed.


2. Organising Giveaways/Contests – This tactic is effective as it increases brand awareness and helps gain more fans. You can do this once a month or once every two months to create traffic and keep your followers engaged.

It can be as simple as dropping a question related to your brand and 5 best answers are picked out at the end of the week. Then at least 3 different post shares should be done per user as a requirement.


3. Boosting Facebook Posts – Facebook lets your posts reach a certain number of people depending on the rate you decide to pay. This mode of Facebook marketing increases reach and engagements.

And if you’re asking why you have to pay for people to see your posts when you have followers,


the answer is…..


Your posts are likely to be swamped by other content that are more interesting. For you to up the possibilities of being noticed and engaged on, boosted posts are prioritised and displayed on your followers’ news feed and can even reach their friends.